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Autumn / Winter '22 Collection

IRYSS brings together a professional team with over 200 years of fashion experience, all with a diverse understanding of how the power of fashion can positively transform a woman’s state of mind from all ages, shapes and sizes in an empowering way.

House of IRYSS

The House of IRYSS is made up of a talented and creative international team of designers who bring together a century of experience as masters in their chosen fields. The teams soul purpose is to design collections that really connect with our customer and to bring out the very best version of themselves.

The team create and sample many styles every year to find the little details that brings life to our collections and a confidence and joy to our customers. The IRYSS Fashion Design team is made up of dreamers, believers and masters who have made it their mission in life to reimagine and create timeless pieces that will stand the test of time.

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